A New Gaze


The objective is a new view, from a different perspective, on a topic that is currently preoccupying us. Winners of «A New Gaze» get the chance to realize a piece of work of their choice within the realm of contemporary photography. To move away from our Eurocentric perspective, we change the continent or region each time we run the competition. Discover our winning projects.


Emidio Battipaglia / Augustin Lignier

Self portraits by Augustin Lignier and Emidio Battipaglia


Continent: Europe
Theme: Community

Over 70 young artists were invited to submit a project based on the theme of “Community”. The artists Emidio Battipaglia (*1984, IT) and Augustin Lignier (*1995, FR) were selected as the joint winners of the fourth edition of the Art Vontobel sponsorship prize A New Gaze.

A New Gaze 4 – 2023

Dongkyun Vak



Region: East and Southeast Asia
Theme: Responsibility

«A New Gaze 3» is dedicated to contemporary photography in East and Southeast Asia. The winner, Dongkyun Vak (born 1992, South Korea), impressed the jury with his project idea of investigating the conflict between humans, nature, and technology in the Anthropocene.

A New Gaze 3 – 2022

Kelvin Haizel



Continent: Africa
Theme: Identity

«A New Gaze 2» was dedicated to young African photography, focusing on the theme of «Identity». Kelvin Haizel (born 1987, Ghana) won the award with his project «Babysitting a Shark in a Coldroom – Comoros Encounters», which took him to the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

A New Gaze 2 – 2019

Eva O'Leary



Continent: North America
Theme: Security/Insecurity

The subject of «A New Gaze 1» was «Security/Insecurity», which is not only affecting changes in the finance sector, but also geopolitically and sociopolitically. Eva O’Leary’s (born 1989, United States) submission made a great impression on the Vontobel Arts Commission and she was charged with realising her project Concealer.

A New Gaze – 2017