A New Gaze


A new photographic view from a different continent, addressing a theme that we are working on. The winners of A New Gaze will have the opportunity to work on a freelance project in the field of contemporary photography – and thus to open our eyes to new perspectives. Here you will receive insights into the projects, texts and exhibitions.


Kelvin Haizel

Continent: Africa
Theme: Identity

A New Gaze 2 is dedicated to young African photography, focusing on the theme of "Identity". Kelvin Haizel (born in Ghana in 1987) is the winner, with his project "Babysitting a Shark in a Coldroom – Comoros Encounters", which will take him to the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

A New Gaze 2 – 2019

Eva O'Leary

Continent: North America
Theme: Security/Insecurity

The subject of A New Gaze 2017 was Security/Insecurity, which is not only affecting changes in the finance sector, but also geopolitically and sociopolitically. Eva O’Leary’s (b. 1989, United States) submission made a great impression on the Vontobel Arts Commission and she was charged with realising her project Concealer.

A New Gaze 2017