A New Gaze 4 – 2023

About Augustin Lignier

Augustin Lignier is a Paris-based French artist, he operates at the intersection of photography and performance.

Self portrait of Augustin Lignier


Augustin Lignier convinced the jury with his project Wink Piece. With this social experiment of sorts, the French artist aims to undertake a study that can provide insights into the role of non-verbal communication in community building. The small gesture of winking is used to create a sense of connection and shared identity between people, while this flash of connectedness is documented via a series of photographic moments. Interested in the performative aspect of images, Lingier blurs the lines between photography and performance art. Inspired by how communities form online, the Wink Piece will explore social interactions by underlining both parallels and discrepancies between our digital and physical behaviour.

With a background in both the Master of Photography program at ECAL and Visual Art studies at Beaux-Arts de Paris, Lignier employs various mediums including photography, video, installation, and performance to explore the performative nature of images.

Lignier's artistic practice explores the intriguing realm situated between scientific experimentation and absurdity. He constructs thought-provoking actions that lay bare the utilization, expectations, and desires associated with the medium of images in our digital era. In a world where we all actively produce, disseminate, and consume images, Lignier's works serve as a critical examination of this digital landscape.