A New Gaze 4 – 2023

About Emidio Battipaglia

Emidio Battipaglia is an interdisciplinary artist and art director from Milan. His work weaves elements from science, architecture, and philosophy to explore identity, technology, and politics.

Self portrait of Emidio Battipaglia


Emidio Battipaglia convinced the jury with his proposal Synaptic Dialogues, which explores networking and communication between humans and machines. The Italian artist proposes a participatory project inviting viewers into a dialogue with plants and AI technology to question and re-evaluate our rapidly evolving world. In the search for a sustainable and liveable future, Synaptic Dialogues probes new social terrains and synergies that arise from interactions between human and non-human actors, highlighting the transformative potential of these interconnected relationships between humans, technology, and the environment. The new kinds of communities that emerge contribute to a collective sense of belonging, inclusivity, and shared purpose, which is crucial for addressing global challenges.

As a graduate of ÉCAL's Master's Photography program, he uses mediums like virtual reality, AI, sculpture, video, and photography to challenge traditional norms. Emidio delves into cutting-edge technologies and socio-political issues, urging us to re-evaluate our rapidly changing world. Besides being an invited guest lecturer, he crafts narratives in installations, film production, and advertising. His artwork reflects societal complexities, providing a fresh outlook on our interactions with technology, politics, and space.